Why Wheat & Gluten Free

Linseed is unique among human foods, by virtue of its content of three extremely valuable nutrients:

omega-3 fatty acids, lignans and mucilage which calm inflammation, modulate hormones and support bowel function
Why Wheat & Gluten Free

Nutritional Benefits of Linseed

Critical for cell membranes and oxygenation of tissues, omega 3 fatty acids also give rise to hormones which reduce the inflammation associated with the development of many chronic conditions.
As we cannot make omega 3, we must get it from foods and linseed provides a rich and sustainable source.

Linseed is particularly high in lignans which function as weak estrogens when consumed by humans. Research has established an association between linseed consumption and reduced risk of certain hormone related cancers, possibly due to linseed’s high lignan levels which modulate the function of human hormones.


A third unique feature of linseed is its mucilage (gum) content. This is a gel-forming fibre that soothes and protects the digestive tract and prevents the rapid emptying of the stomach. It prolongs the feeling of satiety after eating and slows the release of dietary sugars into the bloodstream. Linseed mucilage also binds cholesterol in the digestive tract preventing it’s re-absorbtion. These properties make linseed extremely useful in the management of both diabetes and heart health.

spoonUsing linseed daily, for example by using Helen’s Milled Linseed Blends, and staying well hydrated promotes regular bowel movements with consequent improvement in wellbeing. To ensure you get the optimum benefits of linseed, we mill it to maximise the release and absorbtion of these highly valuable nutrients.